I work with women in 2 ways...


📋This is for women who want to make a change in their life by working on one area of life at a time…

Be mentored by Spirit Goddesses!

Carry them in your heart and allow them to whisper messages to you as you traverse your life. Embody their personality when you most need it… at work, when parenting, during an argument, when problem-solving, and especially when talking to yourself!!

✔️ Each month we dive into a new topic in an online class series that will accompany mentorship from a Spirit Goddess. This includes but is not limited to  – manifesting anything (Gaia), health (Isis), feminine leadership (Hatshepsut), handling emotions (Petra Ambrosi – Aphrodite’s sister), love and forgiveness (Mother Mary), manifesting abundance (Cornucopia), marriage and relationships (Mary Magdalene), ancestral soul healing (Brigid), conflict resolution (Athena), and so much more. 

✔️ Receive Hypnotic Meditation audio for subconscious reprogramming & a Tapping Video for releasing blocks and cleansing the energy field.   

✔️ Monthly Goddess channeling, Oracle Card Reading, Archetype training, Crystal healing, Astrology reading, etc. Replays available.

✔️ LIVE weekly coaching calls where you can get your answers to the material taught as well as hear others being coached. Replays available.

BONUS: Receive discounts on previously released courses, workshops, and seminars, as well as discounts on future releases and private coaching.

Do you have a list of things you want to check off?

Do you want to improve your health, wealth, relationships, love life, or physical appearance? Accessing Goddess Energy can make a huge difference in your life!! 

Join us inside the Membership and take charge of your life, one small step at a time!!

Gain the confidence to step into your new life story.


📖 This is for women who are ready to rewrite their life story! Ready to change their life by getting 1:1 guidance and support!

Making a change in life is an art and a science!

It requires the ART:

✔️  of creating a vision for your life that makes your heart skip when you focus on it…

✔️ healing your past that is dragging you down…

✔️ rebalancing your energy body that is keeping you in a constant loop of lack and not-enoughness…

It requires the SCIENCE:

✔️ of making decisions and a plan that will help you reach your destination…

✔️ taking action which will get you to your desired goals…

✔️ managing your brain to keep yourself going…

Both are required to manifest your dream life. You know the one you secretly hope will come into existence…

I can teach you how to do both!!

I empower my Goddess clients with the skills and confidence to step into their new life story.

BONUS: With this option, you receive access to 12 months of the Goddess Collective Membership at no extra cost.


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