We help you resolve your past,
celebrate your present,
and design your future!!

It’s the whole package!!

Because we know how frustrating it is to learn one thing 
just to realize it's only one piece of the whole puzzle!!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Spirituality is the first step to healing your DNA
of diseases, traumas & phobias, ancestral personality traits, and sabotaging behaviors.

Heal Your Inner Goddess

Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy- resolve your past

This is a 90-day 1:1 coaching package!

  • It is designed to walk you through numerous past, parallel, and future lifetimes.
  • Learn more about yourself, your soulmates, your ancestors, your family, and your life partners.
  • Discover your life purpose, strengthen your bond with your higher self, and resolve your past and its relentless hold on your subconscious mind. 
Earth Goddess
spiritual awakening

Earth Goddess Guide to Spirituality

embrace your spirituality- celebrate your present

This is a 30-day digital course.

It is an Introduction to Spiritual Awakening.

  • Learn to practice spirituality safely,
  • Learn to survive empathy,
  • Learn the basic principles of aligning with your higher self, understanding your energy body, and managing your mind,
  • Learn how to use the Universal Laws to manifest anything your heart desires.
  • Learn to navigate the spirit world.

Discover Your Life Purpose

align with your astrology chart- DESIGN your future

This is a 1:1/60-minute private session.

You will receive:

  • Astrology chart reading and interpretation,
  • Crystal’s prescription (Rx) to assist you on your life journey,
  • Learn the best times to make important moves and decisions (ie: get married, start a business, launch new products, have a baby, look for a new job, move, and so much more!!)
  • Learn your soul’s purpose,
  • Learn to embrace your strengths and weaknesses. 

Meet Your Spirit Goddesses

RENDEZVOUS with your goddesses- psychic reading/channeling

This is a 1:1/60-minute private session.  

You will receive a Zoom recording after the completion of the session.

  • Hear messages from your Spirit Goddesses (Isis, Athena, Hatshepsut, Guinevere, etc…)
  • Learn which are your Goddess guides so you can call on them in time of need.
  • Form an iron-clad bond with your Goddess and your feminine nature.
  • Ask questions and receive guidance about your present and future.
**Only 4 sessions available per month!!

Meet our Goddess Collective

Kind words from clients

“I just wanted to write a thank you note for helping me change the trajectory of my life! Before I worked with Lidia, I was taking antidepressants and I still had panic attacks. After changing some of my old memories and making a plan for my future I am finally happy to now be an active participant in my own life. It was important to me to deal with my problems because I didn’t want to pass them on to my children”.

-Maria I.