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Your Inner Goddess
is always talking to you!!
Are you listening?

✔️Do you keep seeing repeating numbers? 

11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 3:33? 

✔️Do you think of a friend just to get a phone call 

from them later?

✔️Do you get a bad feeling about something or someone, just to be proven right later?

✔️Is your attention being pulled in one direction 

and you don’t know why?


Dear Goddess, NEWS FLASH…

Your Inner Goddess is talking to you, nudging you to WAKE UP! ⏰
She is urging you to stop and take a pause,... look within,... listen!

She's waiting for you to
r e c o n n e c t! 👏

She’s nudging you quietly, and 

She’s very loving and patient… 

…but if you don’t acknowledge her,…


the call will get louder and more obvious! 

Answer these questions...


Look back at the last couple of years and be honest with yourself. Are you happy with the way your life is going? What have you done in the past two years that have gotten you closer to your dream life? How is your career, relationships, health, finances, family life, living situation,…? Are you living a life you know is taking you somewhere exciting, or are you a prisoner to your job, your medicine cabinet, and your relationships? 


You've been asking for a change...

Whether you know it or not you have been asking for a change. Anything that isn’t going the way you want it to go, anything you don’t like in your life, is prompting you to ask for it to be different. This is happening energetically within you,…. it is designed this way!! Therefore, you have asked for things and your Higher Self has heard you, most of all she agrees with you!! She’s on board with it!!

Did you know?? …that she knows the way to those things and she is helping you by giving you nudges, feelings, and whispers, and she can see circumstances and things that are about to cross your path. Because she sees the broader perspective and is larger and more powerful. All you have to do is listen and allow her to guide you!!

Are you listening??

If not, this may be the reason why…

As an Earth Goddess, you have a unique perspective. 

You have a physical body that functions, virtually on its own. 

 You don’t have to think about blinking your eyes, beating your heart, breathing your lungs, absorbing vitamins and hormones, or renewing your cells. It all happens automatically. 


You also have an energy body, which is electric.  

This is the aura that surrounds your physical body. It stores feelings, and thoughts, and even collects energy from others or from the collective consciousness of humanity. Very powerful!!


You have your mind-body which is magnetic.

You receive 60,000+ thoughts in your mind on a daily basis. Some are your thoughts, some are thoughts from the collective consciousness, and most are from your Higher Self. Mind-blowing!!

And lastly, you have a  soul-body which is pure unconditional love

Your soul-body never lets you down, she never complains, she is always positive and never thinks badly of you or others. She is a 

Goddess personified! She is the reason you are here!! 

SHE is the larger, wiser, more powerful YOU!!

Here's the problem...

If you are not listening it may be that you are simply unsure of what you should be listening for!! 

  1. Remember, 60,000+ thoughts each day!! That is like drinking water from a fire hydrant! 
  2. Your energy body (aura) could be damaged and your chakras could be slow and out of alignment! This makes you vulnerable, physically and energetically. 

And when you live this human life, as a woman especially, you are doing SO MUCH, it can be very demanding, and most of all dear Goddess, you are doing your best!!

But, don't fret, my dear friend, because SHE will NEVER give up on you!!! Even if you've given up on yourself!!

SHE is your best ally!!

Before you came to this life (incarnation) you made some important decisions. You decided what you wanted to learn, experience, and achieve. You were given 3 choices of lifetimes and each one of them carried karmic connections from your past lives. 

For example, you may have chosen to live this incarnation because you wanted to experience this life with your current soul family. Or maybe you chose this soul family because it would have led you to meet and marry your soulmate. Or maybe you chose this incarnation because it was going to help you overcome some karmic contracts you’ve been wanting to resolve??

Whatever the reason for your choice, you were crystal clear on one thing, and that is that all the hardships (health, financial, abuse, and so on) in this life, which are related to your childhood and up until now, were a part of that deal, it was all a part of the package. 

Most of all, the important thing to remember is that you understood the choices and YOU said YES to this life.

Here is the thing...

Life on Earth means living in the 3rd density, and as a result, you were meant to FORGET all of that clarity and understanding at the time of your birth. It is spiritual amnesia that has a purpose to keep you fully emersed in this life experience. 

So, here you are...

You are living your life the best you know how, dealing with whatever life throws at you, and doing a fantastic job surviving!!

Maybe you’ve taken on a victim mentality, or maybe you’re feeling jaded and angry. Maybe you’re blissed out over your career but devastated over your relationships? 

Whatever you lived thus far... it is what it is!!
It is time to make peace with it!...

And NOW, Dear Goddess...
it is time for you to learn how to thrive!!

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Why bother recalling past lives??

It is common to carry traumas, fears, phobias, habits, personality traits, and karmic burdens from one life to another. 

On the soul level, we make a personal choice to resolve karma. And often we are very ambitious… if you know what I mean!!

Karma is stored in our bones (bone marrow) and is triggered by events, age, calendar year, etc.

This is the reason we choose the day, time, year, place, and so on... to be born, and why Astrology gives us so much insight!!  

Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy may be the most profound and powerful form of healing!! 

It is based on the understanding that we are eternal souls who live many lifetimes on a mission to spiritually evolve and grow. Therefore, PLR is a soul’s journey in consciousness to find the path to healing!


Engaging in past life recall can help us remember our true nature, identify the origin of what we carried forward from past lives into our current life, and understand the lessons and the purpose we chose them. 


Understanding the lessons...

The very basic principle of understanding WHY something is happening or has happened promotes healing.  

The question is...

Are you ready to begin your own journey of discovery and understanding??

Here is what's included in your 90-day Soul Journey to
Heal Your Inner Goddess

past life regression 2

In the next 90 days
you will receive:

  1. 3/1:1 Private Sessions- Monthly- anywhere between 2 to 3-hour Past Life Regression sessions. Total of 6+ hours. (Valued at $900 USD)
  2. 1-Hour Private Healing Session– This is an integration session at the end of your 90 days when we will discuss your lessons, answers to your questions, and anything else you learned as a result of your experiences. This is a special time to bask in your newfound freedom! (Valued at $200 USD)
  3. Monthly 20-minute visualization/meditation recording you can listen to before you go to sleep. (Valued at $120 USD- 3x$40)
  4. Current-Life Inventory Workbook. (Valued at $20 USD)
  5. PLR Journal and Workbook. (Valued at $20 USD)
  6. BONUS 1: 3 Zoom Recordings- An invaluable bonus to your healing journey. You can listen to them as many times as you wish for added insight and healing. (Priceless)
  7. BONUS 2: Spiritual Cleanse Recording- This is a necessary part of the process. This recording will help you cleanse your aura (energy body) and help you feel lighter, and more spiritually protected. (Valued at $60 USD)
  8. BONUS 3: Chakra Cleanse and Align Recording- This is a very powerful energy balance recording. It will help you cleanse and align chakras and give your energy body an opportunity to receive and let go of energies with ease. (Valued at $90 USD)

Here's what you can expect...

By the end of the 90 days, you will not be the same person!! 

1. Your bond to your Higher Self, 

2. Your understanding of your past life lessons, 

3. Your connection to the people you have relationships with, 

4. Your trust in yourself, and 

5. Your decision to live this particular life experience, 

will leave a lasting impression on you for the rest of your life. 

You will walk with more certainty, have more patients with your shortcomings, treasure your body and your health, appreciate your choices, and sing praises for who you have become. 

It is positively... utterly Life Altering!!

Heal Your Inner Goddess
is a 90-day program!

The cost of the program is: 

Just 3 payments of $333 USD,

Or a 1-time payment of $997.

That is 10+ hours of recorded sessions, meditations, 

cleansing, healing, and guided workbooks

to help you Heal and Break Free!!

Don't delay, START Your Healing Journey

Choose your payment Option!

About Lidia

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Certified Life Coach, and I help women reconnect with their Higher Selves, discover & develop their spiritual gifts, and find their life purpose. 

My desire is to empower you to own your spirituality, and your feminine power, by healing your past and stepping into your inspiring future,  so that we can together, help Gaia Ascend. 

Humanity needs you!!

Are you ready??

Everything you need to HEAL yourself
is already within YOU!!
Let me help you R E C O N N E C T!!

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