Our Favorite Healing Tools

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We at Earth Goddess Society spend a lot of time in the fifth dimension. But, as you know yourself this does not serve you if you don’t take care of things in the third dimension!!! Therefore, we had to figure out a way to BALANCE the two so that we can become a beautiful blended human

On our journey we have come across some great 3D tools that are helping us do just that. Majority of these tools are RESEARCH and SCIENCE BASED! They are based on 3D science and can be proven and replicated.

We hope you find them helpful and enjoy them as much as we do! 


Unmistakably it is one of our favorite human aspects we love to work with!!! Check out these resources we love to use in our own healing and the healing of our clients.  


Human body!! If you are a human you have one, and for a lot of us we’ve been disliking it, struggling with keeping it healthy, or just ignoring it altogether.  We have found some amazing tools we use on a daily bases to love our body again and keep it healthy. 

CHECK often, we’re adding new stuff soon! 


Ahhhh, the human mind!!! 

If your mind has puzzled you or you’ve been struggling to keep it in check, these are the tools we’ve used to help us keep our head screwed on straight.