This Holiday Season...
Give a GIFT of HEALING!!

Help Your Loved One Clear Generations of
Pain, Resentment, Regret,
Fear, Grief, Victimhood,
Powerlessness, and Unworthiness!!

deep emotional healing

cleared emotional blocks

healed ancestral lineage

Emotional Healing is the best gift anyone
can give to others and themselves!!

Exhaustive research has shown that emotions have a direct impact on our physical and mental health, and through my work, I have seen people clear generations of anger, resentment, regret, fear, physical and emotional pain, and even financial circumstances….. CHANGED in a matter of MINUTES, not years!!! 

Client Experience!
I had the wonderful blessing of experiencing tapping with Lidia. She has an amazing presence and energy that creates a safe container as she assists you in freeing yourself from false beliefs or fears. It was such a deep and sacred experience. I highly recommend her!

How does it work??

EFT (Tapping) works even if you don’t want to be specific or don’t know what the problem is!! 

Tapping is scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels and calm the nervous system.

Tapping has been known to reverse and upgrade genetic code. – Epigenetics

As a result, tapping can clear generational genetic triggers and predispositions.

...AND it's super easy to learn and do!!

Lidia Abadia

Who is this for?

Has your loved one been…

  • Struggling with health conditions that have been passed on genetically?
  • Living a life of victimhood due to their history of domestic violence and mental abuse?
  • Chronically negative and getting worse as they get older?
  • Estranged from their family and are now suffering from sadness and a broken heart?
  • Constantly repeating the same story of family discord and misfortune?
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one, a spouse, a child, or their parent and feeling numb on the inside?
  • A caretaker and are overwhelmed and exhausted because they always put themselves last?
This gift is for them!!!

The hardest thing in life is
to watch a loved one suffer endlessly
and not know how to help!!


This year… you can do something powerful and lifechanging

…and give them a Gift of HEALING!!

We’ll clear all the confusion, identify the triggers, the sabotaging behaviors, the deep-seated pain, and the doubt, and uncover thoughts and feelings that formed to protect them, so they could cope and survive.

We’ll neutralize those feelings and circumstances and release years, even generations, of emotional trauma in the process…So that they can finally look at their past objectively for what it is – a series of karmic agreements and life lessons. 

We’ll then create new desired thoughts and emotions so that they can begin living their new chapter in life by making deliberate choices starting with a blank slate….with a fresh. new. view. of what life could be!!!

This gift is for them!

To heal, to let go, to accept,
to move forward, to reach their peace!!

Here's What They Will Receive...

3- 1 hour Healing Sessions (valued at $750)

Zoom Recordings of the Sessions

20-Minute Healing Meditation Recording (valued at $45)


TOTAL VALUE of $795 for 
JUST $497
(or 2 payments of $300)

Here's What You Can Expect...

When you complete your gift purchase 

you will receive two emails: 

1. a receipt for your purchase, and

2. a GIFT Holiday Card you can print and 

give to your loved one as a gift. 

All you have to do NOW is…

Choose Your Payment Option...

Lidia Holiday Special

About Lidia

I’m a Spirituality Coach specializing in Energy Healing, Karma Resolution, and Emotional Mastery. 

I am on a mission to help people clear their karma so they can build a happier future full of possibilities.

I promise to help you resolve your past once and for all so that you can stop creating from your past and start creating into your future!

I will do the same for your loved one!

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