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The Crystals- Essentials

I – All, but 2 types of crystals have to be cleansed regularly.

Cleansing your crystals is essential before use. If you are working with crystals that have not been cleansed, you will place additional strain on them as they will become overloaded. Some crystals may shrink in size or even shatter if they have not been cleansed in a while. This is especially the case with certain crystals that are used for protection. Another undesirable result when using uncleansed crystals is not achieving the desired outcome.

Some of the below methods are quite convenient, so there is no reason to skip this important step.

Cleansing methods:

1. Smudging
You may use sage or bay leaves to cleanse your stones. Real leaves or incense will work equally well.
2. Sound
You may use a singing bowl or a bell to cleanse the stones. First, place them inside of a singing bowl or under a bell. Then strike the singing bowl/the bell and let the sound “bathe” the crystals until it dissipates.
3. The Moon
Keeping your crystals in the moonlight during a full moon or a new moon can be used to cleanse your stones. Leave your stone in the direct Moonlight throughout the night.
4. The Sun
Keeping your stones in the sunlight is effective in cleansing your crystals. Keep your crystals in direct sunlight for a few hours. The only caution is that some stones are sensitive to sunlight and may become discoloured in the process.
5. Salt or Salt Water
Covering your stones in salt or keeping them in salt water will effectively cleanse them. It will usually take 6 – 12 hours to cleanse your crystals when using either of these 2 methods. Make sure not to use this method for soft and porous crystals or crystals that may dissolve in water.

Cleansing your crystals

6. Water
Running water over your crystals can be used to cleanse them. For this method, keep your crystal under a stream of water for 1 to 3 minutes. Be sure not to use this method for cleansing soft or porous crystals.

7. Burying in the Soil
You can cleanse your crystals by burying them in the soil. Keep the crystals buried for 6 – 12 hours. You may bury the crystals in a flower pot or in your garden.
8. Meditation/Intention
You may clear your crystals by meditating while keeping them in your hands and focusing your intention on having them cleansed. Another version of this method is to visualize a ray of divine light and have it envelop your crystals. Your crystals will be cleansed after only 5 minutes of such meditation.
9. Selenite or Clear Quartz
Selenite and Clear Quartz are the only 2 stones that never require cleansing. They are commonly used to clear other crystals. Place your crystals on the selenite or clear quartz (i.e. a tea candle, a bowl, or a slab) and leave them on for 6 – 12 hours. This is a direct contact method. An indirect method is achieved by placing your crystal in the middle and encircling it with several selenite or clear quartz stones.

charging your crystals

II – Your crystals are batteries and need to be charged for best results.

The crystals have finite energy that depletes over time. It is important to charge them regularly to keep them performing optimally. Depleted crystals will still perform the task that they have been given, however, it will take them longer and the intensity of their effect will be decreased.

Most cleansing and charging methods overlap so your crystals will be cleansed and charged simultaneously.

instructing your crystals

III – Your crystals need to be instructed so that they know what you want them to do.

By default, your crystals will direct their energy by their positioning. If your crystal is a part of a bracelet or a necklace, then it will direct its energy only to the person directly touching it. On the other hand, if the crystal is left out in the open space, it will direct its energy to everyone/everything in the space it occupies.

Your crystal’s shape will also determine the way that it will be dispersed. For example, a sphere will emanate its energy in all directions, while a crystal with a point will direct its energy in the direction to which the point is directed.

Given that each crystal has more than one metaphysical property, it is important to instruct your crystal by “telling” it what you wish it to focus on to the exclusion of other things that it can do. For example, a tiger’s eye is a protective stone, but it can also help with determination, making choices, and balancing emotions. If we wish this crystal to focus on only one of these, then we will need to instruct it very specifically. This instruction is done through meditation/intention in the same fashion as when cleansing it.

Why would you want to exclude some of your crystal’s abilities from a particular session? This is because your crystal’s energy will be significantly enhanced if it is only performing one task.

We would love to know which of these methods resonates most with you. 

Happy cleansing/charging!!


Picture of Lidia Abadia

Lidia Abadia

Lidia is a spirit-preneur, a clinical hypnotherapist, a life coach, and a mother of 4 beautiful souls! As a founder of the Earth Goddess Society I am passionate about helping women from all around the world heal their ancestral lineage and embrace their future on their own terms!

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Tatiana Krasic

Tatiana is an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. She is passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!

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hi! I'm Lidia!
I am a soul-preneur,  a clinical hypnotherapist, a certified life coach, and more than anything, I am passionate about helping Goddesses like you heal their past, design their future, and embody and begin to live it, once and for all! 


Tatiana Krasic
hi! I'm Tatiana!
I am an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. I am passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!


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