Crystals: Got a Problem?…There is a Crystal for that (Part 1)

Crystals for protection, grounding, & communication

1. Protection and Grounding: To ward off those psychic vampires and people who like to unload their emotions on you, you would want a little bit of help from your trusted crystals. They will protect you and your environment in several different ways. Some of them will reflect the unwanted energy, whereas others will absorb […]

The Crystals- Essentials

I – All, but 2 types of crystals have to be cleansed regularly. Cleansing your crystals is essential before use. If you are working with crystals that have not been cleansed, you will place additional strain on them as they will become overloaded. Some crystals may shrink in size or even shatter if they have […]

Outer Manifesting Tools: Crystals – The 5 W’s


Who can use them? Everyone can use crystals, but it is important to know how to use them. This is especially true for people who are sensitive to the effects of crystals. They need to be mindful of how they use their crystals and how they pair them. What types of crystals are there? Crystals can be […]

Healing Your Ancestral Patterns

How to Heal Ancestral Patterns

What are ancestral patterns? Do you have them and what can you do to break the chains of repeating them? Are we the victim of this phenomena or can we do something about it? What are Ancestral Patterns? Just as inheriting physical features from a grandmother or a great grandfather you can inherit emotional and […]

What is Ancestral Healing?

Everyone can relate to family disfunctions and disputes. These can range from mental, to emotional, to physical, and even financial. They can be extremely destructive and painful plaguing families for hundreds and even thousands of years.  If you’ve heard stories of you great-great grant aunt who died of suicide, went missing, or drowned in the […]