How to Heal Ancestral Patterns

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Healing Your Ancestral Patterns

What are ancestral patterns? Do you have them and what can you do to break the chains of repeating them? Are we the victim of this phenomena or can we do something about it?

What are Ancestral Patterns?

Just as inheriting physical features from a grandmother or a great grandfather you can inherit emotional and energetic patterns.
Did you ever hear your mom or dad tell you that you look like your grand mom or grand dad? Did you ever hear them say that you sound like them, or you have the same temperament?
That is evidence of Ancestral Patterns!
Of course, there is no shame in that, but deep down there may be a feeling of shame that is being harbored without your knowledge, or rhyme or reason.
You may not be aware of those patterns, and you may not understand why you are feeling shame, but that does not mean it does not exist!


Epigenetics is the science that studies how our behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work. Epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change our DNA sequence, but they can change how our body reads a DNA sequence.
In other words, these are inherited (heritable) phenotype changes that are a result of our ancestor’s reactions to their environment and lifestyle.
Thus, the science can now prove that our DNA can be triggered by our emotional reactions to our environment and lifestyle.

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Emotional Patterns and Triggers

So, if you in fact have a temperament of your great grandfather and he had a series of diseases that he battled during his lifetime, is it possible that those diseases are now a potential outcome for your current life?
According to Luis Hay’s book Heal Your Body, and numerous other metaphysical books which describe the connection between emotions and various organs of the body, this is not only a potential but it is often the very outcome.

Healing Ancestral Patterns

Here is the GREAT news! YES, we can do something to stop the patterns from continuing to affect us and our body!
We are not a victim to our circumstances! We are a mere expression of our ancestral lineage. In fact, we chose to come to this life and help alleviate and heal these patterns. We came to resolve the ancestral hurt and pain and release it from our DNA, so that our future generations can have a chance of a different life.
Therefore, dear Goddess, it is a true privilege to be in this position!! You are the answer your family has been waiting for! YOU are the one that breaks the chain of misery, pain, and fear. YOU are the brave one! You get it done!!

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Lidia Abadia

Lidia is a spirit-preneur, a clinical hypnotherapist, a life coach, and a mother of 4 beautiful souls! As a founder of the Earth Goddess Society I am passionate about helping women from all around the world heal their ancestral lineage and embrace their future on their own terms!

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Tatiana Krasic

Tatiana is an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. She is passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!

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hi! I'm Lidia!
I am a soul-preneur,  a clinical hypnotherapist, a certified life coach, and more than anything, I am passionate about helping Goddesses like you heal their past, design their future, and embody and begin to live it, once and for all! 


Tatiana Krasic
hi! I'm Tatiana!
I am an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. I am passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!


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