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What is Ancestral Healing?

Everyone can relate to family disfunctions and disputes. These can range from mental, to emotional, to physical, and even financial. They can be extremely destructive and painful plaguing families for hundreds and even thousands of years. 

If you’ve heard stories of you great-great grant aunt who died of suicide, went missing, or drowned in the river, regardless of what age she was when this happened, this particular event is now a part of YOUR history. And not just yours but your children’s and their children’s children. 

On top of that you have two parents who come with generations of baggage including their own. And if one distant relative from your mom’s side had a tragic life and another one on your dad’s side had a tragic death, you can see how ancestral baggage might become a problem. 

So, if you are feeling like something is wrong in your life and you just can’t figure out what it is that is the problem, your distant relative may be the reason for your mysterious and mystical feelings!  

Recognizing Your Ancestors

How is one to recognize that the problem they are having is not theirs but in fact their ancestor’s?

  1. One of the most important things to know as an adult, and hopefully you learned this by now, is to decipher if the feelings you have are yours or someone else’s!
  2. Next you need to figure out where the feelings are coming from. Is it something that happened today, yesterday, a week ago, or maybe a few months or years ago. 
  3. Now that you are sure that the feelings are yours you can begin to work on resolving this hurt, pain or the fear. 
  4. If you concluded that you don’t really understand why you feel this way and why you keep repeating these patterns, then it is time to figure out where it is coming from. 

One of the biggest problems we have when we are feeling pain, hurt or irrational fear, is that we tend to want to blame others, in this case, our ancestors, for causing us pain.

My word of caution here is: This only takes the power away from you to put an end to this pain. 

Download Emotional Inventory Workbook

Begin your healing journey with the help of our guide! If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got the steps outlined for you! 

It's Happening Whether You Want it or Not!

You don’t have a choice! Your ancestors are in your blood and bones, they are a part of you and you have to learn how to accept that. 

This is not something to regret or hate it is something that you want to embrace and love. 

We might hate that our parents were poor or mismanaged money. However, if you look back and put yourself in their shoes can you see it from their perspective? 

Could they have made better choices? Did they know how? Did they have a choice? Did they learn how to manage finances better? Did they have resources to help them do that?

Believe it or not learning to have compassion and love for your ancestors will help you release these feelings of hurt and pain and ultimately give you a fair chance to improve your own finances. 

Breaking the Patterns

Working to resolve Ancestral past is the way we break the patterns and finally breaking the chains that are holding us and our ancestors bonded to our difficult past.

Doing this work takes courage and faith but most of all it is an honor to be one who takes on such an important task. 

If you need help or don’t know where to start sign up for a FREE call and we can help you decide the best way you can begin your healing journey. 


Lidia Abadia

Lidia Abadia

Lidia is a spirit-preneur, a clinical hypnotherapist, a life coach, and a mother of 4 beautiful souls! As a founder of the Earth Goddess Society I am passionate about helping women from all around the world heal their ancestral lineage and embrace their future on their own terms!

Tatiana Krasic

Tatiana Krasic

Tatiana is an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. She is passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!

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hi! I'm Lidia!
I am a soul-preneur,  a clinical hypnotherapist, a certified life coach, and more than anything, I am passionate about helping Goddesses like you heal their past, design their future, and embody and begin to live it, once and for all! 


Tatiana Krasic
hi! I'm Tatiana!
I am an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. I am passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!


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