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Ancestral Healing: Ancestral Soul Family

There is a lot more talk of the “Soulmates” and “Kindred Souls” than of the Soul Families. And yet our soul family has the biggest impact on our life, especially because we live with them at the very beginning of our life. This subject is even more interesting when we talk about people who were adopted or feel like they do not fit in with their own family.

What is a Soul Family?

A soul family is simply a group of people who are like minded, love, nurture, and support you on your life journey. Often this is your birth family but that does not have to be the case. Sometimes your soul family is your extended family or your circle of friends.
The people in your soul family often share the same life themes and spiritual lessons and you have chosen to come into the life together to work on them as a collective. As a result, your collective awakening is amplified.
Thus, the reason we choose our soul families is because we are looking to achieve our spiritual awakening. This means we have multiple soul families and we choose to incarnate with each depending what our soul purpose is for each lifetime.

Soulmates and Kindred Souls

Have you ever felt like you have met someone before? Like you know them from somewhere or for a long time, but you have never met them? Yes, most of us have felt that before, and although a quite common occurrence it is incredibly special and sometimes life changing.
Soulmates or Kindred souls are people who have an exceptional connection and energetic bond.
These relationships are soul contract we sign before we come to this life. We agree to meet in this life and cheer each other on or challenge each other.
Often this is what we are looking for in our life partners, but this can also be the case with our children, friends, teachers, grandparents, aunt, uncle or even a neighbor.
Each one of us has many soulmates and they can come into our life at various times of our life journey.

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Am I living with My Soul Family?

It is very special when your current family is your soul family! They are the people who nurture you and support you in everything you do. They encourage you to grow and reach for the stars.
Although that is not always the case, there is an opportunity in each life to meet your soul family even if it is outside of your birth family.
Typically, your soul family is a group of people who love, support, encourage, guide, protect, understand, and treasure you! You feel at peace when you are around them.
Sometimes you soul family is your adopted family! They may not have given your life, as that might have been a karmic agreement with another soul or soul family, but they step in with open arms and hearts in a different capacity.

Healing Ancestral Soul Family

It is important to understand the difference between soul families and karmic soul relationships!
Not every family is a soul family! If you grew up with a single parent, you probably understand that some relationships even if they were loving can become difficult because there is a lot of karma attached to it. If your single parent is a karmic soulmate, there is karma that needs to be resolved and so your soul family, even though small can feel more like a curse! Especially if you do not feel understood, loved, cared for or cherished.
All these relationships are soul contracts, and they are happening because you chose to resolve them and learn from them.
The great news is that this can be done and resolved once and for all so that you stop repeating the patterns of pain and sadness! You can heal these relationships and finally release the karma that keeps you in the pattern of incarnating into lives that are similar.
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Lidia Abadia

Lidia Abadia

Lidia is a spirit-preneur, a clinical hypnotherapist, a life coach, and a mother of 4 beautiful souls! As a founder of the Earth Goddess Society I am passionate about helping women from all around the world heal their ancestral lineage and embrace their future on their own terms!

Tatiana Krasic

Tatiana Krasic

Tatiana is an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. She is passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!

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hi! I'm Lidia!
I am a soul-preneur,  a clinical hypnotherapist, a certified life coach, and more than anything, I am passionate about helping Goddesses like you heal their past, design their future, and embody and begin to live it, once and for all! 


Tatiana Krasic
hi! I'm Tatiana!
I am an intuitive channel, an astrologer, and a crystal healer. I am passionate about helping women gain clarity and improve their lives through the use of various spiritual modalities!


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