Are you Ready to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet?

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Without Taking Months to 

Generate Momentum in Your Business, 

Wondering When You’ll Have a Breakthrough…

And Finally, Be Proud of Your Hard Work and Bad Assness!!

If You are a Goddess Entrepreneur,
a Life or a Spiritual Coach, or a Mom Influencer,
looking to build your business while
using your Manifestation and Law of Attraction knowledge,
then you already understand that you need
to Focus, Visualize, and Feel.

If You are a Woman Entrepreneur,
an Executive, an Influencer, a Teacher or a Coach
looking to up-level your career while
using your Manifestation and LOA knowledge,
than you already understand that you need
to Focus, Visualize and Feel.

You know how the Law of Attraction works 

and you’ve attracted many things already…

but this business thing is moving SOOOO SLOW!

I know you’ve already asked yourself: 

If I am this smart, WHY can’t I get this thing to work??

What if I told you that there are 3 simple steps to tap into the Magic of the Universe and open the flood gates of clients and money that’ve been waiting for you right outside of your door?

In less than 20 minutes a day, you will calibrate yourself and align with your dream clients, your dream income, and even things you didn’t know you dreamed of.


By the End of This Book, You Will Have
The Exact Steps I Took
to Build Momentum in My Business and be able to
Break Through the Months of Procrastination and Pain
by Tapping into the Magic of Universe.

This is for you if you…

  1. have been trying to build your business and just can’t seem to pick up some steam,
  2. are busy with doing it all; for your family, your job, and all the things you are responsible for, but find no time for your business,
  3. lack consistent focus that can boost your business forward,
  4. are finally ready to make your business a priority,
  5. leave the struggle and “could of, would of, should of”, behind,
  6. want something simple and easy that doesn’t take up too much of your time!!

What if instead you….

  1. clear and reprogram the subconscious blocks that are holding you back,
  2. spend a few minutes a day in the quantum field where everything you want exists,
  3. give the Universe specific instructions on your desires,
  4. know exactly what to do to build momentum,
  5. visualize your future business with ease and flow,
  6. feel your success as if it’s already here,
  7. begin experiencing your business like it is a MAGICAL child’s play that you love and delight in!!

You've heard it before...
"You just have to visualize what you want and POOF the Universe delivers it on a silver platter!"

You see… the problem is that most people have a really hard time visualizing what they want because they are so busy living what IS!! 

Can you relate?? 

But, it’s not your fault that’s happening, because if you’ve never achieved the success in the business you desire you don’t really know how that looks and feels!! Even if you’ve manifested other things before!!

You have to tell a new and better story about your business, you have to FEEL IT because that is the ONLY way you will get it. 

And THAT is the reason your business success is SO SLOW in coming!! That’s also why you keep looking for new courses, mentors, and coaches so that you can get closer to that feeling.

Anywhooo…. I KNOW, that you already know this, 

so I will tell you why the Goddess Code can help you in this process! 

It’s time to take charge…. learn how to install new programming into your daily life, build momentum, and attract the business you want on purpose, with intent, and ease…

and say goodbye to frustration, shame, and the constant feelings of incompetence, for good! 

Here is How it Works

When you get Your Copy of the E-book you will put into place a couple of simple and easy strategies that you've probably already been using.

The 369 Goddess Code to Manifesting Success and Money

is a simple 3-step system designed to use a minimal amount of your time, 

as little as 20 minutes a day, that helps you:

clear away subconscious blocks,

visualize your ideal life, and

align with it in 33 days or less.

Remove Blocks


Use 369 Method

Here is What You Can Expect
When You Get Your Copy Today...

369 Goddess Code

  1. 369 Manifestation Method (e-book)
  2. BONUS- Workbook
  3. BONUS- Morning Calibration Script
  4. BONUS- EFT Tutorial Video

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Morning Calibration

  1. Tapping Meditation- Video  
  2. BONUS -Tapping Meditation – Audio
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Private Facebook Group

Jam-packed with high energy, supportive entrepreneur Goddesses ready and willing to share their tips, help, and encourage you!


Priceless Value!

When you purchase today,
you'll get access to everything for only

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Most frequent questions and answers

The 369 Goddess Code is based on the science of Nicola Tesla’s discovery that the numbers 3, 6, and 9, when used correctly, can help attract things to you.

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